John Tan

John Tan

I head up e-mail and marketing automation. Born and raised in NYC, I have developed a love/hate relationship with the city and will jump at the opportunity to leave for the weekend. Prior to joining Lawline, I spent a few months traveling through parts of the world, where I gained about 20 pounds and educated the locals about the US electoral process after telling them where I'm from. A self-claimed Ramen connoisseur, I've eaten in nearly every shop in the city and ate 21 bowls during a two-week bender visiting Japan. When bored, I fling tennis racquets and other random projectiles at moving objects with deadly accuracy. On Wednesdays, after work, I eBay chunks of middle America to Martians.

Employee Spotlight: John Tan

By John Tan on Jun 2, 2017 8:57:56 AM in Core Values, Professional Growth, Our Employees

Lawline had the pleasure of recently hiring John Tan to join our Marketing department. He was more than happy to let me put a spotlight on him when I asked. Here's John experience on starting at Lawline:

1) How was the interview process for you?...