On Bungee Cords and Lifelong Learning

By Micah Bochart on Dec 30, 2011 5:12:31 PM |


At Lawline, we're all about forging lifelong relationships - with co-workers, with viewers, and with the experts who come to us to share their knowledge. Here's a little anecdote of one such relationship, to celebrate the end of 2011.

Micah Bochart

Written by Micah Bochart

Micah Bochart is Senior Video Producer at Lawline, managing the company’s broadcast studio, as well as the evolution and refinement of its video production capability and post-production process. He graduated from Hunter College in 2008 with double degrees in Film and English, and has had the honor of working at Lawline for the past nine years. Outside of work, he is a proud member of the National Organization for Women, as well as a writer, distance runner, and casual photographer.