Think Like A Maverick

By Michele Richman on Nov 18, 2015 10:05:49 AM |


Growth_Summit_2015_(4) Enjoying courtside

“Think Like a Maverick” was the theme of the Growth Summit Presented by FORTUNE magazine and Gazelles International that David Schnurman and I recently attended in Dallas, Texas.  While we had the privilege of hearing Mark Cuban speak at the Mavericks stadium and watch the Mavericks play in a pre-season game, that is not where the theme originated.  Rather, each thought leader at the conference taught us how being a maverick (an unorthodox or independent-minded person) was a key component to grow any business and for all team members’ professional growth.  These growth practices include: incentivizing all of our employees to read business books as often as possible; creating company wide annual themes that culminate with wild costume themed parties; understanding the always moving stairs of service; training fanatically; embracing that every employee’s biggest strength is their biggest weakness; and last but not least knowing that plans are worthless but planning is everything.

Growth Summit 2015 (1) SELFIE! Michele & David

 The most invigorating part of the Summit was being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who were excited to learn together and more importantly share their own successes and failures to help others grow.  Being able to take breaks by the pool in 80 degree temperatures and watch an NBA match from courtside seats was an added bonus. The Summit has inspired all Lawliners to embrace our inner mavericks, and we look forward to implementing the referenced growth practices in 2016!



Michele Richman

Written by Michele Richman

As Lawline's VP of Business Operations, Michele helps Lawline recruit and retain A players, and works to create an engaging, vibrant, collaborative work environment for Lawliners and the other like minded companies who share its open tech work space. Michele is currently training for her first triathlon with Team Triumph, a women's only tri-group.