2022 Murder Mystery

Miylie Roan | March 24, 2022

Oh no, there has been a murder! Lawline joined forces with teambuilding.com to host a 1920s themed murder mystery event. The mystery was a virtual team-building event that allowed employees to participate in group activities to achieve an overall goal of finding the murderer using clues given in puzzles and riddles. Although we work hard, it is equally important to take a step back and connect with the team in a fun environment. Read more about Business Operations Manager, Alyssa Mrzljak’s experience at the event below. 

“I loved our murder mystery event (and not just because my team, The Winners Lab, won). They paired us into random groups, which allowed me to work with a few Lawliner's I don't get to talk to regularly. I think that would be my favorite part! Working alongside Angelica, Eric, Michelle, and Cali, who I seldom have meetings with outside of company-wide events. I also really enjoyed that the storyline was inclusive of all types of people. Overall, I thought it was entertaining, and I enjoyed working with my team!”

While being a fully remote company, we continuously ensure that we provide a company culture of connectivity and embrace our Core Value of PLAY


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