Lawline Core Values 2024 - New & Improved!

Miylie Roan | February 1, 2024

For the first time in Lawline history, we have a new core value, EXPERIMENT! Experimenting has always been part of the culture but as we continue to evolve and innovate, this addition marks a significant milestone in our journey. As Lawline’s HR Generalist, I had the opportunity to dive deep into our core values which are what make us as a company so unique. Inspired by the book 'Who: The A Method for Hiring,' our core values are our beliefs that are reinforced through our people every day. As someone deeply involved in nurturing our culture, I get to witness daily how these core values bring a positive, supportive, and innovative work environment. Each of our 5 core values impacts our culture and how we interact with our customers and each other.

What are Lawline’s Core Values?


We care deeply about people. We value the insights and contributions from others as much as our own and are always open to learning as well as lending a hand. We encourage giving and receiving constructive and honest feedback to promote an inclusive and trusting environment.

CARE is about creating a welcoming environment through support and connection, valuing insights and contributions, and promoting an inclusive and trusting environment. We show this by making every employee feel welcomed and supported. 


We focus on the journey of experimentation by embracing change, encouraging calculated risks, and learning equally from our successes and failures.

Introduced in 2024, this new core value underlines our commitment to being a forward-thinking and innovative company. It’s about being creative and learning from every experience we have.


We take initiative. We solve problems with a sense of urgency that is in the best interests of our customers and our company.

We are proactive and not reactive. This is an action all Lawliners demonstrate every day showing their dedication to customers and internally as we are working on projects. 


We embrace learning opportunities. The goal is to enhance our skills and knowledge so that we’re always better than before.

This core value represents our commitment to stay curious and actively seek opportunities for us to learn and grow to develop into the best version of ourselves. It's about embracing learning opportunities to enhance our skills and knowledge. We do this through seeking professional development opportunities and learning how to be better from past experiences. 


We have fun. We never take ourselves too seriously, collaborate with a smile, and play with new ways of thinking while encouraging and engaging others.

What’s work without fun?! PLAY is our secret to bringing out our authentic selves at work through humor which makes Lawline an enjoyable place to work. We show this through funny gifs in Slack and creating memorable moments together virtually or in person at our company retreat. 

At Lawline, we incorporate these values in several ways. From the hiring process to ensure we onboard individuals who resonate with our culture, to daily communications and weekly huddles where we give core value shoutouts. Our core values are the heartbeat of our culture and we value each employee for their commitment to these values. 

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