Visioning Our Future: MERG Vision Board Event

Miylie Roan | February 1, 2024

The MERG (Minority Employee Resource Group) at Lawline recently organized an engaging Vision Board Luncheon to set our goals for 2024. Joy, a leader in MERG and Lawline's Creative Content Producer facilitated this session, which strengthened our sense of community and inspiration.

The highlight was each person crafting their vision board. Using a Canva tutorial created by Joy, we embarked on a journey, piecing together images and quotes that mirrored our individual and professional aspirations. The event, hosted at The Lunch Table, became a vibrant session of shared dreams and encouragement. The vision boards displayed our goals and opened a window into our personal stories and dreams. Many of us plan to keep these vision boards close, using them as laptop or phone wallpapers, to constantly remind us of our goals. This session indicated Lawline's commitment to an inclusive workplace where a sense of belonging and dreams matter.

Lawline’s Chief People Officer, Michele, gave a GROW core value shoutout to Joy during our weekly company huddle meeting, saying: “I want to give a GROW to Joy for leading an interesting and thought-provoking session last week, all about discussing our goals for 2024 through vision boards.”

This Vision Board Luncheon has set an optimistic tone, reminding us that we are more than colleagues – we are a diverse, dream-driven community, collectively striving for growth and success.

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