A Day of Endless Pastabilities

Michelle DeGonzague | January 3, 2020

On Wednesday, November 6th, the team at Lawline took a trip to the Institute of Culinary Education where we would work together to prepare (and eat) a delicious 3 course meal. As someone who watches an immense amount of cooking competition shows, but also lacks a serious amount of kitchen skills, I was so excited to be able to learn and get to cooking with my colleagues.


We were split into three groups, with each group in charge of a different course. We made our way into the kitchen, which gave me some serious Top Chef vibes, and started to learn about the dishes each of us would be making. The first course would be a pumpkin ravioli (with homemade pasta!) and the second course would be steak and asparagus. The third course, which my group was in charge of, was a s’mores tart. (Yes, you read that right - A S’MORES TART.)

Once we were sectioned off into our groups, a chef began walking us through each of the steps of how to create our designated meal. The first course group began rolling out their dough to make fresh pasta for ravioli, the second course group began to sear their steak for our main entrée, and my group got to work with icing our graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache.

Once the meals were completed, we took off our chef hats and headed into a dining room area, where we would all get to enjoy the food we had just prepared.


Creating this spread of delicious food while in the great company of my colleagues was a perfect example of two of our core values here at Lawline, PLAY and CREATE. I had such a great experience, and can’t wait to test out my newly learned skills in my own kitchen!




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