Back to the Future ... Lawline's Future: Lawline’s Five Year Time Capsule

Sigalle Barness | October 25, 2017

When I sat down to write about Lawline’s opening of its five year time capsule, I needed some tunes to ensure I captured the moment just right. Cue epic theme song ...



The music invoked memories of that fateful day on September 30, 2012. Past Lawliners sitting together in our old conference room - scribbling prophecies and questions for our future selves. Predictions varied from Lawline becoming internationally renowned educational providers to Occupy Wall Street creating a permanent residence in Zuccotti park. Questions ranged from whether Lawline moved locations to whether the Cubs won the words series as predicted in Back to the Future Part 2. Also, words were not the only thing uncovered in the time capsule. Memorabilia was scattered throughout, including old business cards, maps, and even a name tag belonging to the late, but never forgotten, Lawline Cactus (aka “Kurazy”).

Sitting in the future, things have changed quite significantly in the past five years. We did, indeed, move offices while our current office was being renovated and then moved again into our sparkling new space and studio. Although the Occupy Wall street movement no longer resides at Zuccotti park, the park’s trees twinkle with new lighting and there are even more delicious food trucks to choose from. Oh and the Cubs did win the world series - albeit a year later than Doc and Marty predicted … and against Cleveland instead of Miami.

But don’t take my word for it. There are still a few founding members of the time capsule besides myself that are still at Lawline today. When asked to share their thoughts (below), their words flowed like a “new” blues riff through the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance:

  • New office space and studio, transformed CLE content, updated website, new app, and a new NY deadline checker tool! - David Schnurman (CEO)
  • The biggest Lawline change that I could not have expected in 2012 is our "Work from Home Wednesdays", which we launched approximately 2 years ago and have not looked back since. - Michele Richman (VP of Business Operations)
  • For me it would be the sheer number of programs we produce, and the consistent strength thereof. - Micah Bochart (Chief Video Producer)
  • A whole new office! A Lawline App! - Ann Joseph (Office Ambassador)
  • The launch of the Lawline app, the overhaul of our entire website, and the way we've become so organized and methodical in planning out our content for the year! - Meredith Cohen (Director of Accreditation)

So there you have it - but the time capsule doesn’t stop here. We’re preparing for a second five year time capsule to close in the coming weeks. As we anticipate it’s opening in 2022, we’re an even more inspired team driven to grow Lawline more than ever before. In the wise words of Dr. Emmett L. Brown, “Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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