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Miylie Roan | May 8, 2023

Bringing your children into the office so they can see in real time what their working parent does in a day, is an event that has been happening for many years throughout the United States. In fact, this tradition dates all the way back to 1993 and has since become a national day celebrated annually on April 27th. As the increase of remote work has happened over the past few years, we've had to get a little creative to keep events like this embedded in our company culture and keep our employees engaged - kids included!


Last week, we hosted this virtual event and had employees join with their daughters, sons, multiples, and even grandkids! Some even joined in on the fun without kids just because they wanted to be part of the conversation. 


During the event, we started with introductions including name, age, and the kid’s favorite thing to do. Then, we played a fun and fast paced scavenger hunt game where the older kids got to race around their homes and grab an item as fast as they could, then show it off to everyone on camera. We even got to see Oi's daughter, Makalya, show off her massive collection of over 20 Pokemon stuffed animals!


After the scavenger hunt, we listened to the icon Ms. Rachel on Youtube so the infants and toddlers can dance along to “The Wheels on The Bus.” Talk about the cutest thing ever! The kicker was during the casual chat when we asked Kate’s (our Program Attorney) son, Max, what he thought his mom did for work and he responded “work and sleep” - he’s not wrong! We also asked Lucy, daughter of Angelica (our Director of Attorney Education), the same question and she said "meetings” and we all had a good laugh at that one!


Even though we're working remotely, we're still finding ways to build a thriving company culture by creating relationships and getting to know each other on a personal level. We can't wait for our next event!


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