Lawline Goes to Clio!

Miylie Roan | November 10, 2023

Lawline Goes to Clio! 


Lawline made an appearance at the Clio Cloud Conference this year in Nashville Tennessee, taking our place at the forefront of legal technology. We are leading the charge with our new innovative AI Learning Assistant tool, designed to enhance how legal professionals learn and grow by allowing viewers to ask the feature questions and it instantly answers every response using information from our extensive CLE library. 


Our dedication to technological advancement reflects the immense value we place on our employees' professional development. Our work culture is about embracing and shaping ourselves into our best versions and through embracing advanced technology, it offers employees an environment where they can be at the forefront of innovation. We offer every team member opportunities to engage with the latest AI advancements and apply them in ways that redefine our industry and their career paths.


Frank Rodriguez, Web Developer, and Kate Moore, Program Attorney, were our ambassadors at the conference. They introduced our AI Learning Assistance tool while absorbing knowledge and forging connections that will fuel Lawline's growth and the growth of our employees.


We are a company where passion for tech and innovation can create new ideas. Employees attend conferences as part of their professional development journey and the knowledge learned during those times directly contributes to shaping the landscape of legal education. We are already planning for the next big conference and exploring how the latest in AI can be utilized to empower our team members and our customers further.


All Lawline employees are empowered through education and technology. Employees grow with the company, influence the industry, and are part of a team that's defining the future of legal tech.


Discover more about Frank and Kate's experiences and takeaways from Clio—and how their stories could be a preview of your own at Lawline.


Frank Rodriguez, Web Developer

The atmosphere at the conference was energetic and I loved the venue at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee. I enjoyed hearing the attendees, who were also our users, say how happy they were to use our CLE product. I better understood the legal tech landscape, and how attorneys work within their firms, and learned more about who could use an AI tool like the one we’re building, Lawline’s AI Learning Assistant.


Going into it, I was very nervous about speaking to attendees at the booth about our AI Learning assistant because it was the first time we showcased the tool to the public. It performed well although there is always room for improvement. Overall, users who tested our AI Learning Assistant at the conference were relieved to hear that answers were always sourced from one of our courses instead of the internet. 

Kate Moore, Program Attorney 


The conference was buzzing with activity the entire time. I loved hearing from so many current Lawline subscribers who stopped by our booth, and we made many new connections too. What stood out to me the most is that there are a lot of AI tools on the market right now, and users are looking for what will benefit them the most in their everyday practice of law. 

We had so many great comments from attendees who stopped by to try Lawline’s new AI Learning Assistant! We heard how much attendees appreciate that our tool draws only from our CLE content, and not the internet or any outside sources, so they know the information they receive is reliable and accurate. 

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