2022 Company Retreat: Club Getaway

Miylie Roan | October 6, 2022

It’s always a great time when Lawliners get a chance to be in-person! In September we attended our annual company retreat at a remote location in Connecticut for 3 adventure filled days of team bonding involving archery, zip-lining, arts & crafts, hiking, and so much more. Everyone was excited to join together in-person, some for the very first time. 

On the retreat we were able to kayak alongside a beautiful mountain…

(David Schnurman- Executive Team, Arika Wadsworth- Marketing)

We sang happy birthday loudly and joyously to 2 Lawliners while they blew out their birthday candles… 

(Kathleen Boyle- Marketing, Mike Sullivan- Development) 

We played competing team building games that involved running, hula hoops, and a mummy game of who can wrap their team the fastest…

(Oi Wo Mark- Development, Kelley Donelin- Sales, Michele Richman- Executive Team, Arika Wadsworth- Marketing, Erika Tremblay- Customer Experience) 

And the Cheese Girls made their debut during our evening karaoke. (Someone give them a record deal!)

(Kate Moore- Programming, Michelle DeGonzague- Customer Experience, Erika Tremblay- Customer Experience, Michelle Ramires- Sales, Arika Wadsworth- Marketing, Kathleen Boyle- Marketing) 

Every year we will have 1 annual company retreat but this isn’t the only time we will get together. We continuously have our bi-weekly breakfast club meetings where we dedicate 30 minutes for casual chat, game play or have employee spotlights. Earlier this year we celebrated PRIDE with drag bingo and in another event we worked in small teams to solve a virtual murder mystery. Continuously gathering virtually or in-person is key to maintaining our company culture. Our focus moving forward is to have department specific meetups and if employees live close they can get together at any time. We look forward to our next in-person company event for 2023! Check out some additional photos from the event. 


(Michele Richman - Business Operations)

(Rich Hernandez- Executive Team) 











(Kathleen Boyle- Marketing, Michelle DeGonzague- Customer Experience) 

(Alberto Mayanga, Oi Wo Mark, Mike Sullivan, Frank Rodriguez - Web Development) 

(Arika Wadsworth- Marketing) 

(David Schnurman- Executive Team, Rich Hernandez, Executive Team, Kate Moore- Programming, Michele Richman- Executive Team, Sigalle Barness- Executive Team, Mike Shafland- Marketing, Mike Sullivan- Development, Kathleen Boyle- Marketing, Michelle DeGonzague- Customer Experience, Erika Tremblay- Customer Experience, Amanda Knittel- Finance, Alyssa Mrzljak- Business Operations, Miylie Roan- Business Operations, Arika Wadsworth- Marketing, Frank Rodriguez- Development, Alberto Mayanga- Development, Oi Wo Mark- Development, Lana Glacken- Customer Experience  

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