Micah Travels the Southwest

Lawline Staff | December 3, 2010

Micah, Director of Video & Content Production, just returned from a trip unlike any other you have heard of!  Micah traveled to Salt Lake City, rented a car, and drove south through Utah and Arizona, camping out in national parks in his solo adventure!

"I've seen plenty of jungles and mountains in my time," said Micah in regards to his decision on where to travel, "but I've never checked out the desert."

Micah visited the major tourist attractions, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Grand Canyon, as well as lesser known stops, Canyon de Chelly, the site both of Anasazi ruins and present-

day Navajo settlements.

Micah decided to go because he had never been to the desert.  "I've made a point to explore as much as I can of the country I live in, in addition to my travels abroad. I think it's important to be acutely aware of your backyard, in addition to the house across the street. The Southwest was a part of the backyard I hadn't checked out."

Originally from Alaska, Micah has also traveled abroad to places such as Vietnam.  What makes his trips so interesting is Micah plans all of his routes with little or no help, and actually ventured to Utah and Arizona solo!

What was Micah's favorite part of the trip?  "I'd have to say that Monument Valley was my favorite, as predicted. You can only access the park via a 17-mile, chuck-holed, beat-to-

heck mountain road, which lent a real sense of adventure to the experience. Also, its location within the Navajo nation, and its identity as a Navajo Tribal Park, offered an interesting counterpoint to the more tourist-friendly National Parks, of which I'm more familiar."

Micah compared this trip to working at Lawline because it was filled with a sense of having no boundaries.  It was also up to him on where to go next, much like his position at Lalwine that allows him the freedom to set his own goals and go to places he may have never thought possible.

It is great to have Micah back in one piece!  And glad you enjoyed your trip!!

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