A Not So Great Customer Service Experience

On Saturday, I had an awful customer service experience that made me realize just how awesome our customer service team is and how important good customer service is.  The Saturday before last I realized that my wireless internet wasn't working, so I called my cable company to discuss.  They said they could send a service tech over during a week day in the afternoon.  I explained that I work and live alone, hence no one can be at home in the middle of the week during the work day.  The customer service person was very nice and and we scheduled an appointment for Saturday, when I would be home.

Saturday comes along and of course I find myself on the couch waiting for someone who never shows up.  I call the cable company to see what the deal is and they inform me that my appointment is for SUNDAY morning, not Saturday.  I explained that I made the appointment for Saturday morning based on my schedule and cannot be home on Sunday morning.  She then tells me that the notes say my appointment is for Sunday.  I explain to her that the notes are incorrect and I made the appointment for Saturday.  When she tells me I'm wrong, I proceed to ask her how I can cancel my service.  She tells me I just need to return the router.  I ask her where I can return it and she tells me to go to Queens Center Mall. I proceed to hang up the phone, take my wireless router, cable box and remote, get in my car and drive to the Queens Center Plaza to turn everything in and cancel my service - cable, internet and all.  The customer service person there takes my stuff and cancels my account without ever asking why I canceled.

Thank you Lawline Customer Service for being different!

Not once during this entire transaction did the cable company do anything in the slightest to keep my business.  That's just bad business practice!  I know Lawline.com would never, ever let that happen, and I'm proud of us for that.  Based on this experience,  realized just how awesome we are by making customer service a keystone of our company culture.  Keep up the good customer service work, team!

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