Actively Learning - Kyle Robinson

Lawline Staff | May 9, 2011

Think back to your first day on the job. Could you identify our top selling product? Did you know how to set up a customer purchase? Did you even know what CLE stands for?

The learning curve in any new environment is high. There are unfamiliar systems and colleagues as well as the overall pressures of starting a different position. In fact, it can take months or even years to become fully acclimated and comfortable.

This was not the case for Program Attorney Kyle Robinson, who conquered’s learning curve in about 6 hours.

Kyle joined Lawline to grow the company’s faculty base; mainly by maintaining relations with our current faculty and expanding the surrounding networks. However, at the end of his first day, he unknowingly answered a customer service call which rang in his office.

Once the caller on the line stated that she was interested in signing up for courses, the easy thing to do would have been for Kyle to transfer the call or hand it to a colleague. Kyle, however, chose to learn it on his own. He navigated through the site with the customer, found the Unlimited CLE package, led her through the signup, and checked her through the cart.

In a moment’s decision, people usually rely on instincts. Kyle’s first instinct was to actively learn. As a result, Lawline gained a new customer, a $499 sale, and a role model in Kyle who has brought the same enthusiasm to every task on a daily basis.

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