Being the resident office Film Critic

In addition to being a happy member of the sales team here at Lawline, I'm also the Senior Staff Writer and Head Film Critic at the Oscar prognostication/movie website The Awards Circuit (  What this means is when I'm not selling CLE, I'm doing analysis of the Oscar season as well as seeing movies to write reviews (in 2010 I saw 190 movies, in 2009 I saw 150, and in 2011 I'm hoping to break 200...fingers crossed).

Essentially, I make 200+ calls a day, 5 days a week, and then write up some combination of reviews, articles, analysis, and movie news during nights and weekends, totally somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 words or so in a given week.

A fringe benefit of all is this everyone at Lawline is saved having to ever see a bad movie ever again.  Whether I'm convincing Rob to see one of many Boston set films from last year or getting Hillary, Jessica, and Melissa to bring a group to see Blue Valentine (my favorite film of 2010), or even letting Dan know what horrible action movie he'll fall in love with next, I'm constantly keeping my colleagues and friends in the loop about what to see and what to avoid.  It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!

What an amazing job I have at Lawline where not only can I do my moonlighting, but it's seen as a value and not a detriment!  You have to love it, and I sure do!

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