CEO Dave Is Another Year Wiser!

Ambassador Ann | August 7, 2013

Dave Bday (6)cb

On Friday, 8/2 the company took the time to surprise Dave for his birthday which was this past Saturday.

In the morning, Mark & myself decorated his office with Happy Birthday banners all over before he came in. The day went on as usual until around 4pm. That's when Frank schemed a devious plan for Chris & himself to fool Dave in believing that everything that could have gone wrong did. So in they went one after the other, interrupting a meeting, until the whole office came in and sang Dave "Happy Birthday" with his custom FurtherEd cake. After recovering from shock, he was pleasantly surprised and found everything hilarious. Thanks goodness!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE from everyone at FurtherEd!


Dave Bday (18)cb Lungs like a bull

Dave Bday (17)cb Delicious strawberry-filled goodness!










Dave Bday (20)b Dave is thrilled that the company isn't on fire.

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