Dave Talks About the NFL Draft

Lawline Staff | April 28, 2011

I know how anxious everyone is for the royal wedding which will air at 4 am Friday morning, but let’s touch on the important issue right now; the NFL draft. Last season had many storylines: Michael Vicks comeback, the emergence of Peyon Hillis (who was crowned this year’s Madden cover) and the Green Bay Packers forgetting Brett Favre as a household name and welcoming Aaron Rogers with open arms. The most important, however, was the talks of the potential lockout for 2011. This seems like more and more of a reality with each passing day.

I get sick to my stomach to even think that we have billionaires fighting with millionaires over who should be getting paid more. We have more important issues facing our economy the last time I checked. But rather than get into a political discussion I want to touch on how important this year’s draft is. Carolina was awarded the number one pick for being the worst team in the NFL, and my money says they select Cam Newton. He may have character issues but you can’t deny the guy is a freakish athlete. Carolina scored 16 TD's in 2010. They need a playmaker who can open up both the pass and the run and that is exactly what Newton brings to the table. Carolina is in a division with the likes of Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman. In order for them to be a contender they need a quarterback, since their lofty expectations for Jimmy Clausen seem to have gone by the wayside.

The Jets and Giants need to make their picks count. The Jets have drafted quite a few busts in recent years, selecting Vernon Gholston and Mark Sanchez to name a few. The position they need to address most is defensive line, since Shaun Ellis clearly cannot get the job done. If the Jets can get lucky they may be able to grab Jabaal Sheard, a DE out of Pitt or Cam Jordan a DE out of Cal. Either one would give them a more formidable defensive line. As for the Giants, they need to get younger on the offensive line which is why I'm hoping they can nab Derek Sherrod, a tackle out of Mississippi State.

This draft could make consensus overall pick Andrew Luck look like a genius for staying at Stanford another year if this lockout talk persists. Let’s hope the players and owners can work out some sort of compromise before the start of the NFL season because I won’t know what to do with myself come Sunday afternoons or Monday nights!

Are you ready for a lockout?! Let’s hope not!

Written by our in-house sports guru who is also one of our best salespeople! Dave

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