Droid vs. iPhone - The Healthy Verizon Debate

I went to Verizon yesterday with the purpose of finding out how much the iphone 4 would be for myself. I knew that I had an available upgrade and that the iphone 4 was coming out for Verizon in a matter of weeks! After my experience using friends' iphones as well as my personal ipad, I was completely set on waiting for and purchasing the iphone.
I sat down with the Verizon salesperson, and talked to her about my options. She kept trying to show me the Droid X and I kept pushing her away.

All I wanted was the iphone.

Then instantly, I remembered how I felt, as a salesperson, introducing attorneys to Lawline when they knew nothing about the product. I let her explain the reasons why I would want this Droid-thing over the iphone. First, she showed me the HD video, it was pretty impressive. Then, she showed me the voice texting ability, I was surprised that I knew nothing about these features! And last but definitely not least, she told me, "when you lose an iphone, you lose it forever." I can offer insurance for only $4 per month. I thought about my past experiences with phones, and well, it wasn't a great memory.

Not only could I have insurance with the Droid, but they have a "Find My Phone Application." With this App, I can text my phone a code from another cell phone, and then automatically receive a text with its EXACT LOCATION!

Done! I purchased the Droid X, even though it was $100 more than the iphone 4! I realized that due to my experiences at Lawline, there are much better options for many products. For example, someone may go with their traditional tapes, or expensive, well-known CLE providers just because they don't want to hear about a way better product!

Post written by Hillary Fornell.  Hillary is a member of our Sales Team.  She hails from beautiful Aspen, Colorado.  She enjoys snowboarding, selling CLE, and phone shopping!

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