Fantasy Football....A Lawline Tradition

Lawline Staff | January 7, 2011

This year's NFL regular season has come to an end.  And that means thousands of fantasy football managers all over the country won bragging rights over friends and coworkers.  There were plenty of ups and downs for teams in the league, but only one would come out with a trophy.

In the Lawline Fantasy Football League that person was one of our talented salespeople, Dave.  His 8-5 regular season record secured him a spot in the playoffs where he won by

3.5 points in round 1 and by 85 in the championship.  Otis celebrated with a victory lap around the office, high-fiving other Lawliners.

"My strategy going into the draft was to holdout for Arian Foster because I knew he was going to have a monster season, which proved to be true," said Dave on his draft strategy, "Stacking up on running back talent is the key to winning a championship.  A key trade was dealing for Aaron Rodgers while parting ways with Michael Turner and Vincent Jackson."

Team Otis was led by the NFL rushing leader, Arian Foster.  His 346 fantasy points were the best out of all running backs in 2010.  Aaron Rodgers worked under center while Roddy White, Dwayne Boew, and Owen Daniels served as receivers and tight end.  Joining Foster in the backfield were the up and coming LeGarrette Blount and the high profile Ray Rice.

Otis ended with, "I look forward to defending my Fantasy Title in 2011, and may the best manager win!"

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