Fun with Musical Education

For the morning meeting I wanted to share my side-project, a group called cdza. cdza has been around for about a year, and since they started making videos they've gained sponsorship by Youtube and Google, participated in both the annual Google Zeitgeist festival and the annual Youtube festival, and have been asked to play at a number of other renowned events, including the Sundance Film Festival, the Electric Picnic music festival in Ireland and Google Zeitgeist Europe. The three founders traveled Europe this past November and created a video to reflect their musical adventures, and their Youtube channel has over 6 million views and counting.

cdza's goal is to bring music education to people in fun, creative ways, which reflects one of Lawline's core values: Actively Learning. I learn something new every time we make a video, and I'm hoping some of their videos will teach Lawliners a thing or two! Check out my favorites below:

Enjoy your musical education for the day! New videos are posted every other Tuesday, so feel free to check out the site for new 'lessons': cdza music.

Happy learning, Lawliners!

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