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Lawline Staff | September 1, 2010

Yesterday we decided to compile a list of how each employee found out about Lawline.  As we went through we came up with all of the generic answers: Referrals, Craigslist, Monster, school sites, etc..   But at the bottom of the list were three categories that stood out:

Found 1 employee in the gym
Found 1 employee on the street
Found 1 employee through an essay contest

Frank Bastone was a very successful corporate salesperson in New York City when the President of Lawline, David Schunrman, strolled in to ask about corporate memberships.  He was so impressed with Frank's sales abilities he brought him in to consult for a few months.  Frank Bastone has now been the COO of Lawline for 10 months!

Patrick Lancaster was working as a fundraiser on the streets of New York City for a non-profit organization during a rain storm in March of 2010.  Frank Bastone, COO of Lawline, was walking past Patrick during the afternoon when Patrick attempted to have Frank donate to the organization.  Rather than donating, Frank offered to buy Patrick an umbrella, but Patrick declined.  After talking for few minutes Frank asked if Patrick would be interested in coming in for a sales interview.  Patrick closed a sale during his training period on the phone, and has now been with Lawline for 5 months!

Frank Furbacher was a student at Manhattanville College in Westchester County, NY when his professor offered extra credit to anyone in the class who entered an essay contest that was being sponsored by USA Today.  Frank wrote about his "Dream Job" of being an entrepreneur, and about Oprah Winfrey's accomplishments as an entrepreneur.  A few weeks later he received notice that he had won and his prize was to shadow the President of, David Schnurman.  Frank went on to intern for Lawline for a 18 months, and now works full time as Operations Manager.

Employees come from the darndest places! You never when your going to meet your next employee!

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