Lawline 2011 in Review

Lawline Staff | September 9, 2000
Below are some highlights throughout 2011. Click on the links to learn more for both the Culture additions at Lawline and the Web Development projects undertaken.
TYPE Project Key Features Quarter
Product Course Center 2.0 (login required) Reformatted code base for the course center. Updated Virginia System Course Center to disallow skipping. Q3
Administration Security Enhancements across the admin Created password protection on all sensitive data, removed mass customer information sections, and created security levels Q3
Product Specialty Credits: Professionalism, Skills, Law Practice Management, etc. Specialty credits (outside of General/Ethics) were added first for NY, and then for Ethics-based states. CA, OR, GA all require specialty credits Q3
Product, Marketing Free Course (see free course advertisement) Free course added to the homepage, with the ability to dynamically update. Q3
Marketing SEO/CPE Updates Created SEO pages for Accounting. Created an Accreditation section for CPE with NASBA, QAS, and state providers Q2
Product CPE Created CPE links for all bundles. Created CPE Course Center for exams, review questions, and specialty certificates. Q2
Sales Customer CRM 2.0 In process. Updating customer CRM to include enhanced sorting features. Q2
Product Password Encryption All customer passwords have encryption to enhance security. Password reset was established to alleviate forgotten passwords Q2
Product Ugraded CLE Tracker All new CLE tracker to enhance design, tracking credits, and adding courses manually. Q2
Product Webcast Page Live streaming courses directly to Courses can be viewed free. Interactive chat function. Countdown to the course. Q2
Servers AWS  Migration Set up Careers, Learn, Intranet, Partners, and all others to Amazon Servers. Final stage is to finalize Q1-Q3
Customer Service Zendesk Integration and API New Customer Support system. Enhanced customer data, customer tracking, ticketing, emailing, and live chat features. Q1
Sales Sales CRM Updates Created email integration, list upload, data storage, archiving, name matching, Google calendar integration, and scheduling options Q1
Marketing MailChimp Integration Created automated renewal system through Mailchimp to send automated emails using specified criteria within the customer account. Expirations, order type, practice area, order amount, state, and credit state are examples of usage. Q1
Marketing, Product Created Freemium website in which all courses are clipped into 3-5 minute searchable segments. The database features tags and question-based titles for each clip. There are now 350+ courses and 1500+ clips. Q1
Product Mobile CLE All courses are offered on with the ability to view streaming video on the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Certificates, PDF written materials, and audio only are also included. Q1
Marketing, Admin Marketing Reports A section added to the admin as a one section area to decipher all  revenue generated and the source. Direct mail, SEO, Adwords, Sales, Customer Retention are examples. Campaigns and segments can be dynamically added, along with discount codes, to contribute and arrange the page. Q1
2010 Development Projects
PROJECT New Unlimited Page 2010
DAY Improve / Optimize the sql querying on course catalog and custom bundles pages 2010
DAY Reset Admin Password 2010
DAY State IDs 2010
DAY Object Oriented Course center 2010
DAY RTBF registration - add practice area and course topic 2010
Update CRM notes on Dashboard 2010
Google Search to customer CRM 2010
DAY link on main faculty page 2010
DAY Viewed courses --> My Courses 2010
DAY Mandatory field for registration - Practice Area 2010
DAY Sort by last customer contact date 2010
DAY Delete entry in CRM and the page reverts back to page 1 (bug) 2010
DAY Adding link to reminders in Sales CRM 2010
DAY Matching CRM list with customer list: verify if person is already a customer and place on do not call list 2010
Day Subcategories for Course Catalog 2010
Day Encrypt database passwords/ Link instead of sending password 2010
Day Encrypt program file names 2010
Day Paypal work with Discovery Card on the website 2010
PROJECT Remove/Delete customers from saved search 2010
PROJECT drop down menu  by customer practice area 2010
PROJECT Open tickets and click on customers name, it opens new window (bug). should not lose old information 2010
PROJECT Discount Codes 2010
PROJECT Stats Page 2010
PROJECT Move Intranet from Dev to Live 2010
SYSTEM CPE - Phase 2 - Integration into course center 2010
PROJECT Finalize One-Click Bundles 2010
Phase 3 - Unlimited Page 2010
PROJECT Recruitment Page - Phase 2 2010
PROJECT Complete Overall and Update to CRM -- See tab called "Project CRM" 2010
PROJECT Database Model -- Documentation #1/ Description of PHP code - Database Dictionary 2010
PROJECT New Footer/ More Web 2.0 2010
DOCUMENTATION New Server Testing 2010
PROJECT Subcategories for Course Catalog 2010
PROJECT Upgrades to My Courses page 2010
Updates Cleaning up CPE 2010

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