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Lawline Staff | October 8, 2010

The Lawline Culture Book is made up of first hand reviews of what life is like at our company.  I decided to ask a few employees to share with me, in more detail, what their experience has been like so far at Lawline.  My goal was to see how our culture has compared to other companies that they have encountered.  What is different?  What is similar?  Joey and Dave both had interesting answers.

My first question was "What about Lawline makes you enjoy coming to office?"

Their answers were similar in that both enjoyed the laid back environment of Lawline, but structured tasks laid forth by management.  Everyone knows what their job is, and it is up to their own style to complete their tasks.

Joey thought the support system that was put into place made life at Lawline friendly, fun and rewarding.  Dave agreed by saying he enjoyed helping his colleagues.  Employees will routinely listen to each others calls in order to provide feedback.  The only way Lawline will continue to grow is if employees continue to improve, and giving feedback to each other on a daily basis happens regularly.

Both Joey and Dave agreed that growing the business is what really motivates them; that what is done today will effect the company for years to come.  Joey looks at the Lawline culture as a "culture of family."

Dave enjoys the fact that his work is something that can be tracked a daily basis, and his suggestions can be utilized the same day to improve systems.

We are glad to get this feedback regularly from our employees, and we want to continue to improve as well in order to create the ideal company we would like to work for!

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