Lawline Takes Citifield

Meredith Cohen | August 3, 2015

On Wednesday, July 1st, a group of Lawliners ventured to Flushing, Queens to see the Mets take on the Chicago Cubs at CitiField.

For some in attendance, baseball is a relatively new and unfamiliar territory. For others, baseball is a way of life. I myself am a lifelong Mets fan, and am in the process of visiting every Major League stadium in America. After seeing 7 of them so far, CitiField is still my (totally unbiased) all time favorite.  Baseball fan or not, everyone had a great time. MicheleDaveMets

Although neither team managed to score until the 11th inning (that’s right..the ELEVENTH inning!), we managed to stay entertained with the phenomenal food choices at the stadium (read: Shake Shack), and the fun trivia and fan games between innings.

Part way through the game, I suggested that we take a group photo and tweet it using #citivision.  I remembered that throughout the game, the Mets select a few fan photos from social media to put up on the big screen. Sure enough, our group pic was the main attraction - ours was selected to be the large primary photo in the middle, with all other selected photos made much smaller and surrounding ours.

Metsgame Damian, Rich, Meredith D., Micah, Meredith C., and Devin pose for a group picture to go on the scoreboard. Not pictured: Dave, Michele, Mike S., and Ann

Shout out to Devin for snapping such a great photo!

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