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Lawline Staff | February 9, 2012

Core Value Questions

Each candidate who goes through the interview process with is asked to answer a series of questions related to our Core Values. These questions allow us to get a better understanding of them and their values. They also provide a very good written sample.

See the Core Values and questions below:

Taking Time to Help Others
Can you think of examples in the pas six months of when you have taken time to help others? If so, what was the result? Also, what are some of the benefits you find when you help others without wanting anything in return?

Exuding Optimism
"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative though." "Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done." We all wish we were pure optimists in life as nothing would ever get you down. Do you consider yourself an optimist? If so, what percentage of your personality does it make up and why?

We all learn in different ways. Some people read books, others attend classes or watch online courses. What have you done to actively learn over the past six months? Maybe tell us the most recent books you read or a great documentary you watched. There are lots of ways to learn that do not fit the traditional view.

Seeking Creative Solutions
We love people who think on their feet and can find a creative solution to a given challenge. Most challenges come with little warning and need to be solved in a short period of time. It is a certain type of person who excels under these circumstances. What is it about you that we will love when it comes to seeking creative solutions?

Drive to Find a Better Way
When someone is driven to find a better way, they try to make a fundamental difference that will cause a long lasting change. Is there any issue or problem you believe can be done better? What solutions do you have to make it better? For example, cutting a six pack holder so it does not hurt dolphins is a creative solution to the problem. Finding a better way is not dumping them in the ocean in the first place.

After reading the answers to these questions each interviewer has a much better understanding for the candidate. During interviews at our office, we will ask questions pertaining to the answers to the Core Value Questions. This has impacted our hiring tremendously and allows for a more thorough interviewing session.

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