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Lawline Staff | January 26, 2012

The Team Huddle

As explained in post 1, holds a morning meeting, daily, at 8:30am. The entire company comes together for the brief Huddle. After a 5 minute presentation by one of the members of the team, the huddle begins with one person moderating the quick responses from employees. The basic structure of the Huddle is meant to provide high energy and efficient answers.

Every morning starts with good news. The moderator will ask everyone to share the news, typically being something geared towards recognition for a completed project or task. But good news can also be non-work related news such as someone getting engaged over the weekend.

Each member of the team will share within a 40 second response, "Yesterday, today, and what's in my way,". This allows everyone to be on the same page in each department with a summary of the last and next 12 hours.

The high energy environment allows everyone to participate and stay focused on the short meeting. It is something employees thoroughly enjoy being a part of, and helps to build a sense of community within the company.

Check out the people at 1-800-GOT-JUNK and their morning huddle here.

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