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Lawline Staff | February 3, 2012

Hiring Practice

The only way to build on top of the great company culture has created is to add more members of the team who will believe and be invested in the culture. That is why our Hiring process and practices are very rigorous and always evolving to find the best way.

The process will always start with a candidate answering a few questions based on our Core Values. These questions are graded by our hiring staff to decide the next step for the candidate. Soon after a phone interview is set up for the candidate. The preliminary conversation focuses around the candidates experience and job function.

Following the phone interview candidates will be given access to a trial account to view from a customer's perspective and provide feedback on their experience. This gives the candidate a great chance to show their analytic skills. The feedback is reviewed and hopefully an in-person interview will be conducted. The main objective of the in-person interview is to go a bit further into the candidates resume and grade them on our Culture PLAID scale (Professionalism, Like-able, Articulate, Intelligence, and Driven). Each candidate is graded on a 1-5 system.

An assignment is then given to each candidate to complete, which differ depending on the department. It is a very simple task we assign, which let's us take a peak at the person's creative and driven side. These are graded and discussed by the hiring team, upon which references are checked.

One more in-person interview is set up to meet with management, which will look to ask behavioral and open ended questions to the candidate. These interviews are conducted in our "World Famous" Idea Room.

The final part of the interview process includes spending a day in the life of that position. The candidate is trained by an employee to get accustomed to the position, then the candidate performs simple tasks included in their potential job for a few hours. This gets the candidate to understand the company culture, the position, and co-workers. It also gives a chance to see how the candidate performs and transitions throughout the day.

Most importantly, is looking to add to its solid culture! And please, no typos!!!!

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