No Man Left Behind

Michele Richman | June 6, 2014

Last night, team members from Lawline/FurtherEd participated in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge's 3.3 mile run around Central Park which raises money for the Central Park Conservancy, a private, not-for-profit organization formed in 1980 by a group of concerned citizens determined to improve Central Park. While some of us enjoyed a relaxing subway ride up to Central Park surrounded by other participants from companies throughout the city, Rich and Damien decided to run the 6 miles up there- just because they could.


As we walked to the course, we were surrounded by law firms and accounting firms who all have relationships with Lawline/FurtherEd, some who our program attorneys had conversations with that same day. Waiting for the race to start, there was an exciting energy among the 15,000 participants. As some of us approached the start line, we heard the announcer shout "Go FurtherEd" as he read random company shirts passing him by, and then we were off. Sigalle and I ran the first 2 miles next to each other and whenever I felt like I wanted to stop, knowing that she was with me kept me going. At a tough moment going up one of the many hills, a woman randomly turned to us and shouted "FurtherEd- what do you guys do", and after we responded, she said "Continuing Education- cool" and that brief exchange gave me the positive energy to make it up that tough hill and not stop at all until the finish line.

When we met back at the FurtherEd table, there was great cheering and happiness every time another team member finished the race and joined the group. As we all rejoiced in being done, we looked around and realized that Frank and Brandon had not returned. Finally, we called them and learned that they had become lost and were very far from where we were. It was getting cold, we were starving, tired, and allergies were kicking in, but not one person left before Brandon and Frank returned to a hero's welcome. Special thanks to Shaun and Julie who volunteered to watch our bags throughout the race!!!!

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