One Yam at a Time!

Lawline Staff | January 14, 2011

Lawline recently gave employees access to a unique "business" social media site, Yammer.  It allows employees to update their statuses throughout the day while seeing other employees statuses and giving them the ability to add pictures, links, polls, and events.  It has turned into a breeding ground for meetups, conversations, and ideas.

Managers are also able to give employees updates on projects and figures in a casual environment.  Employees are encouraged to keep Yammer up on their screen or continue

Yamming throughout the day to follow the creativity or debates that are produced on it.  But everyone always gets a kick out of the funny Youtube videos that are shared.

As recent as yesterday one employee asked the other Yams on Yammer who was interested in joining the Lawline Central Park Softball Team.  My favorite part of Yammer is coming up with ideas worth sharing.  Other employees can hit the "Like" button on posts they are interested in, and it is much more open and collaborative than Skype.

So if you are ever touring the Lawline offices and you see some crazy, new Social Media website distracting everyone in the is just us Yams, Yamming up a storm on Yammer!!

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