September Spotlight: Rob – HELPING OTHERS

Lawline Staff | September 14, 2011

When most toddlers were learning to scream “no,” baby Rob must have only known the word “yes.” That is why he always takes time to help others here at Lawline. Perhaps it some sort of disorder, but we are all so appreciative of his helpful can-do attitude.

Once, Rob was asked by someone new what exactly his role was. His reply was a shrug and he said he just do. He's moved furniture, stayed late, set up computers, and generally been the go-to person for filling in gaps wherever he can help. In production, he prepares and sends out faculty certificates and works in accrediting programs too. In development, he helps with bug testing. When there were 50 CPE courses that needed exam questions, Rob was there watching all those hours of courses and coming up with those questions. He even finds time to do grocery runs for the office.  Who needs clones when you have Rob?

It is very hard to pick through the multitude of examples of how he has helped Lawline. When Jeff was on vacation, Robb decided on his own to clean out and prepare Jeff’s new office for him.  Jeff was extremely grateful when he returned. When there was a big move where all departments moved or rearranged into the main office, Rob was there painting, setting up equipment, furniture, and carrying to and fro the storage room.

He definitely inspires others what the power of yes can do. Rob is definitely a jack of-all-trades and master of all.

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