So two lawyers & a doctor walked into a bar...

Ambassador Ann | August 9, 2013

Then the doctor said "Wrong place...I don't need the state bar!"

Bad joke aside, this summer we said our goodbyes to three wonderful individuals who inspired the joke.

She is preparing for law school this fall (Rutgers Law School). Lauren has been an absolute pleasure to work with since she started in May 2012.  Her contributions to the Production department make it seem like she is graduating law school rather than just starting it.  Lauren's attention to detail is second to none which is why she has been able to grow so much in the 14 months she was here. We wish her the best of luck in law school!

Sal is beginning his journey to medical school at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. Sal actually came to FurtherEd originally by way of a referral who interned with our company way back in 2007-08.  Sal lived up to the positive accolades given to us by his friend, and has done a tremendous job in all different areas of the company ranging from customer retention, marketing, and design.  He has filled a lot of gaps which once existed when he joined FurtherEd in September 2011, and his almost two year run with the company has put us in a better position today.  His beatboxing skills will be missed as well. We wish him best of luck in med school!

Stephanie also is preparing for law school this fall. We took a moment to recognize her for her contributions to the team in the areas of sales, social media, the blog, and retention.  Stephanie has gone out of her way to gather the team for events inside and outside the office including numerous team NYSC workouts and classes.  She did a great job with any project assigned to her and for that we thank her and she will certainly be missed in the FurtherEd office. We wish her the best of luck in law school, and as always, we hope Stephanie takes advantage of becoming a faculty member once she graduates for her year of unlimited CLE!!


FurtherEd Race & Picnic (16)b LAUREN: "Thanks everyone for all the kind words and for helping make my experience here at Furthered amazing! I'm truly going to miss coming in everyday and working with everyone. I never expected my internship last year to extend to such an amazing and enriching experience, but I'm glad it did! It's been a great year and I'm sad it's over, but I'll be back again soon I'm sure (like Meredith said, 3 years till I can return to Bridge the Gap)! "

Black Shirt, Blue Jeans (2)sal SAL: "FurtherEd does a great job at selecting people who will not only mesh well with each other, but will work hard and contribute all of their energy to furthering this company. It's been my absolute pleasure working with all of you - you make waking up and coming to work SO easy. It's great how each individual can have a noticeable impact on the company. I feel that FurtherEd is going to do GREAT things! I'm now starting my journey to becoming a doctor (~8 years Yikes!) and am grateful for all the positive vibes being thrown my way."















Summer Farewells (1)b STEPHANIE: "There are very few as fortunate as myself to have had such a stellar first job experience. Over the past (almost) 2 years I've worked with the most intelligent, unique and entertaining people . I'm not sure how any position can live up to the standard I now have for the work world.
You are all beyond wonderful and have been beyond crucial to my growth as a future law student, potential lawyer, colleague and more importantly, a person."

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