Standing Ovation

Michele Richman | November 14, 2014

My favorite day of work this year was on Wednesday November 5, 2014, when my morning presentation was received by a standing ovation.

With much excitement, I shared with Lawline's employees that starting on December 1, 2014, they would have the option of joining a really good health insurance plan for significantly less money then our current plan- specifically that most employees would only have to pay approximately $50 each month for health coverage.

I also explained that in addition to this upgraded plan, Lawline's existing 401(k) plan, and our successful Discounted Gym Membership program, employees would now also have access to good dental and vision coverage and a Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

There were many smiles on the faces of Lawline team members at that point in the presentation, but then I continued with the news that Lawline was adding 5 additional vacation days for a total of 15 days in an employee's first year and an additional two days each subsequent year.

The smiling faces then stood up and clapped, and it felt great to be able to be the one to deliver the news of how much Lawline values its employees and their well being when they are at work and when they are enjoying their time off.

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