Taking Charades to the next level

On Wednesday June 26, 2013 I decided to bring a fun competitive morning meeting back to Furthered with a new form of Charades.  Ellen DeGeneres made an iPhone app called Heads Up!, basically it is charades with a twist.  I had the entire company split into two teams.  Once everyone was in two teams I explained the rules.  Each team had to pick one member to hold an iPhone to their forehead.  I already picked the three categories we would play.  We started with Act It Out, which meant the teams had to act out the action on the phone.  If the person guessed correctly they looked down and if they didn't know they looked up to pass the word.  Next we went onto Accents & Impressions and then Hey Mr. DJ.  Hey Mr. DJ was the hardest for both teams.  It was a fun experience for everyone because they had to figure out the best way to explain the word on the phone.

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