The Birthday Mission

Lawline Staff | August 17, 2015

“Where are you both?” Dave asked. “On a secret mission…” Sigalle and Brandon replied. Planning a surprise party for your company's CEO while on a business trip is no easy feat. Sneaking out of a conference to find the only vegan cupcake in a 5 mile radius - even harder. Getting to celebrate your colleague and friend’s birthday in Chicago? Priceless.

After finding the cupcake and avoiding the boss, Sigalle and Brandon both realized that this was just not enough. One new Chicago hat and a bag of 25 balloons later, the plan was in place. They sent a simple text to Dave saying:

“Secret mission meeting in Room 1110.”

When Dave arrived, with The Beatles Birthday playing in the background, the mission was complete and the party began.

DaveBday Brandon was excited to surprise Dave!

DaveBday2 Sigalle deemed the mission a success.


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