The Need for Warm Weather

Lawline Staff | February 4, 2011

Like most of us at Lawline, I am sick of this snow.  Not only is walking through it making my cold morning commute even worse, but my socks are soaked by the time I get to the office.  When it comes to wanting a touch of spring to hit the air we are all in agreement.

This is why I decided to write a quick entry on a couple company activities we have to look forward to this spring and summer.  We'll see what we decide on, but some of these we have tried in the past with success.

1) Yankee Game

Notice how I didn't say "Mets Game." And for good reason (the best is it is closer to the office, I think).  Last year there were about 20 of us at the time.  This time around there

should be about 45!  Needless to say, it is sure to be a great time regardless of who they are playing.

2) Cruise around NYC

This has often been talked about in the office but we have yet to pull the trigger.  Here's how it goes; rent a boat, throw a bunch of Lawline employees and guests on it, sail around the river, great food, great drinks, and of course a good time.

3) Company BBQ

This one requires a little more planning on our part.  We put all of our employees in the park, light up the grills, and "chill".  Frisbees, footballs, and hot dogs.  What can get any better than that?  (Just make sure there is some shade somewhere!)

I feel a little better now.  Makes me think spring is right around the corner (until I go out for lunch and see a pile of snow 6 feet tall).  At least we have plenty of time to plan!

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