To Find a Better Way

David Schnurman | September 7, 2010

This is an email I sent to the team this morning about our mission at

I have been using this phrase around the office over the past few weeks but wanted to formally introduce it to everyone. Below is a simple phrase that I believe is what makes us special:

To Find a Better Way

  1. Our mission is to find a better way to do things.
  2. We do this as a team by asking a lot of questions, listening and taking risks.

Think about anything you do in your role and this applies. It becomes addicting to think this way because once you get started there is no stopping what you can accomplish.  As a learning company the key to finding a better way is learning from others and the only way to actively do that is by asking lots and lots of questions and hearing the answers.  Finally, the only way to really learn is to take risks push the envelope and try to constantly challenge yourself. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT.

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