What Can Your Team Accomplish in 60 Seconds?

Lawline Staff | March 6, 2013

By Tim.

FurtherEd is filled with a team that communicates daily and, as our core values state, seeks creative solutions. The best way to test FurtherEd’s team was through an activity. The idea was to see how long it would take the team to complete a task. The first task was simple: arrange themselves in order from tallest to shortest. This task took about a minute and thirty seconds. Moving forward, the team was challenged with arranging themselves by age. While it was hectic at first, but the team quickly regained their composure and finished the task in just over a minute. The final task was oriented around seeking creative solutions. This is because there is no definite answer like the previous two tasks. The mission was to arrange themselves by “the color blue”. They quickly arranged themselves starting with blue, fading into purple, and ending with the red and grey colors at the end. The job only took a minute to complete. Overall, the team gradually got faster at the communication involved, sought creative solutions, and worked well together to come to an end result. This describes the team as a whole in their daily routine here at FurtherEd.

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