Zendesk and Mobile Sites!

Lawline Staff | February 14, 2011

Lawline has been busy adding a few new features to our site to create a more user friendly experience.  Two new additions headline our new features: Zendesk and our Mobile Site!

Our salespeople are jumping for joy as they now have an additional feature to pitch to customers.  With our Lawline Mobile Site, users can view courses on their smartphones and receive credit.  This makes Lawline the first Online Continuing Education company to provide streaming video courses on mobile devices!

Lawline has also launched a new Customer Support platform, Zendesk.  This will allow our great Customer Support team to resolve issues even quicker.  With capabilities to handle Customer Service over the phone, email, chat, through iPad, and through iPhone, Lawline can handle any issue at any time.  Customer Support Agents have just finished their training, and can't believe how useful this software is.

"I am very happy with how useful Zendesk is for our Customer Support Team," said Patricia in CS, "This is definitely going to enhance our user experience with support and make it easier for customers to resolve their issues."

Lawline plans to develop an App as well to go along with the Mobile Site so stay tuned as we continue to raise the bar! Check out our Mobile Promo video below?

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