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Miylie Roan | November 2, 2022

Lawliners get together bi-weekly on Thursday mornings for our “Breakfast Club”,  where we participate in a fun activity and get to know each other a little better. This October we wanted to use it as an opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultural traditions so we asked employees to present a special recipe and the background behind it. We had 6 incredible recipe shares from all over the world!

Alyssa presented a recipe for kremsnita from her husband’s home in Croatia

Alyssa shared how Croatia has two separate cultures (German and Italian) but based on where you live in the country, kremsnita has different names. 

Erika shared with us a recipe for meat pie from her French Canadian grandmother. We learned the significance behind the meat pie in her family and exactly how they eat it in their home (bring the ketchup!)

Ivy gave us 3 recipes to make up an Appalachian meal. She taught us how to make cornbread, soup beans, and salmon patties. 

She also shared with us the importance of cast iron skillets and how they are often willed down through generations of family! 

Kathleen taught us all about her family's Irish soda bread (spoiler alert- there’s actually no baking soda in their recipe) that has been passed down for generations. She explained that trying to make tweaks just won’t do since this recipe is already perfect! Don’t even think about switching the type of raisins you use! 

Oi gave us a look into making Chinese clay pot rice and it left us all hungry for the rest of the day.

He also offered to take anyone interested out to a good clay pot rice restaurant in NYC!

Finally, Michele taught us about the importance of latkes in Jewish culture and especially about using the right ingredients to perfect them. (Here’s a hint: the secret ingredient is chicken schmaltz). She gave us insight into how to dip them whether it's applesauce or sour cream and then shared an amazing music video about making latkes! 

The 30-minute meeting was packed with learning and laughter. Everyone enjoyed gaining not only some great new recipes but also insight into their co-worker's backgrounds and cultures. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll have a whole Lawline Cultural Cookbook coming your way! 




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