International Coworking Day!

Miylie Roan | August 7, 2023

We all enjoy the many benefits of working from home but when visiting a co-working space with colleagues I'm consistently delighted by the opportunity to turn to one of them and ask a question, which is always a more complicated process with virtual collaboration tools. It’s also great to be able to go out for lunch with team members instead of eating at your desk at home. The last 2 co-working days were spent at the World Trade Center, which is a real change of scenery for all of us.” - Mike Sullivan


August 9th is International Coworking Day which celebrates collaborative workspaces. Employees can work independently but in a shared environment. As a remote company, we offer all employees a Deskpass shared workspace membership that enables networking opportunities, lets employees bond with colleagues beyond virtual meetings, boosts productivity, and fosters collaboration.


In addition to our shared workspace flexibility, we offer the benefit of a flexible work schedule, designed to promote work-life balance. This helps our employees structure their work hours that suit their individual needs. Additionally, our employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere! Whether it's the comfort of their home, a trendy coffee shop, or a scenic beach, they've got the freedom to choose their perfect workspace. Keep reading to learn more about how our employees feel about using their deskpass membership: 


“I am a fan of the Deskpass membership. It helps me with maintaining a work-life balance. I reserved desks and offices in my area and had a great experience there. The office is spacious with lots of options to choose from. You can work on a couch, at the coffee table, or take a seat at a desk. It’s a valuable benefit to be able to work away from home on your schedule.” Lana Glacken


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