Lawline Fitness Challenge - Let's Begin!

Miylie Roan | April 26, 2023

Lawline’s Fitness Challenge - Let’s Begin

By Alyssa Mrzljak

At Lawline’s annual company retreat in the fall of 2022, Miylie Roan (HR Generalist) and I (Alyssa Mrzljak, Business Operations Manager) presented an idea to encourage Lawliners to get up and move their body! While remote work has many benefits, it can be challenging to remind ourselves to move and get active. We guessed (accurately) that most of our colleagues shared the same struggle. So, we presented the Lawline Fitness Challenge, an initiative that provided employees with opportunities to get more steps in through friendly competition. We presented our idea during a shark tank pitch at the retreat in front of our colleagues and received positive responses. Our proposal was then reviewed by our Leadership team and accepted!

We ordered Fitbit Inspire trackers for employees that needed one and worked to find an app for those with other trackers, such as Apple Watches, who could also join in on the fun. We landed on an app called Stridekick. The team started monthly challenges where employees competed to reach their step goals. We created a Slack channel where employees could chat, motivate each other, and have fun while getting steps in. Over the first quarter of 2023, the team held three monthly competitions, and each month, a winner was crowned. 

At the end of the quarter, Gabriella DiSilvio, Lead Program Attorney, emerged as the overall winner, having taken over a whopping step count of over 1 million! Despite being pregnant, Gabby stayed productive and active, making her achievement all the more impressive. We asked Gabby how she is going to celebrate her win and she stated: I'm going to celebrate by going out for a nice healthy lunch and treating myself to some new bump-friendly workout gear - I need to, now that most of my pre-pregnancy exercise clothes are no longer working out (pun intended)!” 

We look forward to seeing the competition in the 2nd quarter and encourage everyone to get their watches ready and start stepping! Congratulations to DiSilvio and all the Lawliners who participated in the first quarter of the Lawline Fitness Challenge! Get your watch ready, set, and GO!


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