Give Back Day: Swim Meet

Miylie Roan | February 16, 2023

At Lawline, we believe that our employees have the power to make a positive impact in their communities. That's why we offer Give Back Days, a paid time off policy that allows our team members to volunteer in the organizations and causes they care about most.

Recently, one of our Lawliners, Lana Glacken, used one of her Give Back Days to volunteer at her child's swim meet. Lana's experience is a great example of how Give Back Days can be used to make a positive impact and we encourage all of our Lawliners to take advantage of this policy and use their time to give back to causes they care about. We reached out to Lana and asked about her experience. Here is what she had to say:

I love that Lawliners have four give-back days a year to support causes they are passionate about. I volunteered at a teacher appreciation breakfast and a graduation dance, and I made caprice sandwiches with my coworkers at the local food bank. However, my most volunteering experience comes from supporting my children’s passion for competitive swimming.  

Last month my children, Basil and Ari, attended the Scarlet TYR Long Course Invitation at Sonny Werblin Recreation Center in Piscataway, NJ. The first of the three-day meet fell on a Friday. I was able to leave early as part of the give-back program. I am thrilled to share my experience below:

  • Can you tell us about your experience during the swim meet? What were some of the highlights?

Basil and Ari swam their personal bests at this invitational. It’s rewarding to see their progress firsthand. Long-course races are a little different than short-course ones. For example, in a 50-meter freestyle race, it’s one lap, with no wall to help you to speed up, unlike the 50-yard race. One of the highlights was seeing my children so focused during the meet. They showed up to each race on time and visualized it before it was their turn to go on the block. 

  • How did you feel after volunteering at the swim meet?

I worked as a timer. If you have never timed a race before, it can be intimidating. You learn to be in sync with the starter and press your stopwatch on time. There is pressure in the air. The biggest reward was to witness the swimmers’ excitement and happiness when they clocked their personal bests. I love being on the other side of their success.

  • How do you think this experience impacted you and the community?

Youth sports programs and competitions depend on parental volunteering. If your child is an athlete, you can contribute to the sport by volunteering at their competition. I was happy to be on deck and watch my kids’ races from the best seat in the house while helping out. 

  • Do you have any tips or suggestions for other employees who are thinking about volunteering in the future?

To Lawliners, who haven’t volunteered yet, give it a shot. There are many opportunities to give back to the community and exhibit Care, one of our Core Values. You can help at your child’s school event or join a spring cleaning project to prepare a town or county park for the summer season.

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