Sharing Culture, Building Community: Oi's Give Back Day Experience

Miylie Roan | November 29, 2023

At Lawline, the spirit of community and social responsibility is woven into our culture. Our Give Back Days are a testament to this commitment where employees are allotted time off to give back to their communities. 

Oi had the pleasure of using his Give Back day to attend his daughter, Makayla, school Thanksgiving Potluck. He contributed a dish that reflects their cultural heritage. Opting for a simple yet delicious chicken fried rice to respect the school's pork-free policy, the day was not only about sharing a meal but also about sharing moments with Makayla in her classroom for the first time. It was a day filled with joy, cultural exchange, and valuable conversations with her teachers, enhancing his connection to the community and inspiring a deeper involvement in school activities. 

Lawline's Give Back Days are more than just a time off policy, they're an opportunity for employees to grow while making a meaningful difference in our communities. Keep scrolling to read about Oi’s experience. 

How did you utilize your Give Back day?

I utilized my Give Back day to participate in my daughter Makayla's Thanksgiving Potluck in school which her Math teacher asked all parents who would like to bring in a dish that can represent their own cultures to share and celebrate with everyone. I originally mentioned bringing dumplings but it turns out that the school is a pork-free school because of religious reasons and I ended up bringing a simple chicken fried rice from a restaurant.

What was the most rewarding part of your experience?

The most rewarding part of my experience was being there for Makayla as I know she was looking forward to seeing me in class. This was my first time visiting her classroom and she was very excited. Besides, I enjoyed tasting various foods that other parents brought and being able to talk to her teacher about how Makayla was doing fantastic.

How has the activity influenced your perspective on community and social responsibility?

I certainly learned a lot more about what's happening around my daughter's school and interacting with other parents and teachers, expanded my sense of community and the importance of being socially engaged in my neighborhood as I have been for the most part living within my bubble. This also gave me the idea of participating more in the kids' schools' PTA events as I feel obligated to share my experience whenever possible. 

In what ways do you think giving back contributes to our company culture?

The Give Back day fits into our company culture very well - the company always cares about personal well-being, sense of community, DEI, and personal and professional growth. This is just one of the reflections to show Lawline cares about their employees' needs. For me, I don't necessarily want to use my vacation day to use on such events or sometimes simply try to take a few hours off during the day to rush through. But instead, I can utilize the day more thoroughly, planning what I should be bringing to school and being able to stay throughout the entire event and even picking up my daughter right after just simply made a big difference. 

Keep scrolling to see more great pictures from the event! 

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