Giving with Heart: Beth’s Impactful Day with March of Babies

Miylie Roan | May 6, 2024

At Lawline, we believe in the power of giving back, a value deeply embedded in our culture. One inspiring example is Elizabeth Pauley, one of our Program Attorneys, who recently dedicated her Give Back Day to support the March of Babies event by March of Dimes in NY/NJ. This event is focused on raising funds and awareness to improve the health of mothers and babies, aiming to prevent birth defects and premature births. As a board member and a passionate advocate, Beth’s connection to the cause is highlighted by the moment she and her husband first held their twins, six weeks post-birth. Her story not only sheds light on the importance of supporting families during critical times but also encourages our community to actively participate in similar volunteering efforts. Here’s a glimpse into Beth’s experience.

What specific role did you play as a board member? 

I helped organize the NY/NJ Market Wide March for Babies event, which entailed monthly meetings, working on corporate sponsorships, and personal fundraising. In 2022, I ran the NYC Marathon for March of Dimes and wanted to get involved on a more continuous basis. One of my goals for 2024 was to make a real commitment to volunteerism, which has always been important to me but has yet to be a major priority for me in the past few years with young kids.

What motivated you to participate in the March of Babies as a give-back day? 

I have a personal connection to March of Dimes and the work that they do for moms and babies, particularly when it comes to maternal health and premature babies. My twins were premature and it's a cause that's very important to my family.

What is 1 meaningful interaction you had during the event? 

After sharing our story at the event, I had several moms of older kids/former preemies come up to me and share their experiences of having preemies. They shared how well their kids are doing now and how much they overcame. It was encouraging for me to meet some of these parents who understand what I've been through and the challenges that preemies face even after the NICU. We also got to meet and take a picture with Dexter Lawrence from the Giants, which was fun, especially since we're Giants season ticket holders (see the picture below)!

What key takeaways did you gain from this experience and what advice would you give someone who wants to volunteer with March for Babies? 

March of Dimes was started in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt and has a long history of great work. Its goal is to provide women and families with educational resources on baby health, pregnancy, preconception, and new motherhood, as well as supply information and support to families in the NICU who are affected by prematurity, birth defects, or other infant health problems. Whether from personal experience or through families and friends, I think the causes touch everyone. It's super easy to get involved because there are March for Babies walks all over the country you can attend and/or support. If anyone is interested in getting involved or learning more, I'd be happy to be a resource! 

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