Gotham Writers- Let's Problem Solve!

Miylie Roan | February 27, 2023

Lawliners took part in an engaging virtual team building event designed to sharpen our problem-solving skills by Gotham Writers. Hosted by Michael Leviton, an accomplished author and Gotham Writers teacher, the session focused on learning, practicing, and discussing effective problem-solving techniques.

Using relatable stories that captured the group's imagination, Michael drew inspiration from the childhood classic, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain, where Tom is described as a clever and resourceful problem-solver. Michael shared how Tom used three key problem-solving strategies to solve a murder, which included: 

  1. external solutions - seeking help or resources from an external environment; 
  2. person-to-person solutions - seeking help from another person or group; and
  3. personal solutions - discovering how to resolve the problem ourselves. 


As the goals of our team events are always to laugh as much as we can, we used these strategies to brainstorm cringeworthy real-world scenarios such as the dirty office bathroom.  We brainstormed common solutions such as creating a cleaning schedule or cleaning the bathroom ourselves but our imagination took over with creative ideas such as creating another bathroom dimension. Needless to say, we discovered that we have some brilliant problem solvers in our group! 


At Lawline, we're committed through our core value of CREATE to continuing to develop our problem-solving skills and working together to find the best solutions for every challenge that comes our way as well as our core value of PLAY to embrace the fun in everything..


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