Lawline Celebrates One of Its Own

Angelica Cesario | January 31, 2018

20180116_160257A few weeks ago, we at Lawline threw a baby shower for one of our beloved colleagues, Sarah. And believe me, Lawliners are no slouches when it comes to throwing a party. Especially when it comes to celebrating new members of the Lawline family.




20180116_155937.jpgWe wanted the shower to be memorable, so that Sarah can always look back fondly at this special time in her life. Knowing that Sarah has a soft spot for cats, we got her a specially-designed cake, customized with cat paws to symbolize the two new babies joining her family. The cake was accompanied by a smorgasbord of food, and celebratory sparkling cider. During the shower, we played an array of baby-related games. We were tasked with naming the baby versions of certain animals (did you know that a baby donkey is called a foal?!), quizzed on celebrity baby trivia, and more. It was harder than you might think! We wrapped up the shower with cake and gifts for the mom-to-be. A great time was had by all, and hopefully it was something Sarah won't soon forget.

From the Lawline crew, Congratulations Sarah!

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