Lawline’s MERG Initiative: Cultivating Safe Spaces for Underrepresented Groups

Miylie Roan | September 18, 2023

At Lawline we emphasize our work culture as a community. We don’t just talk about inclusivity and diversity, we actively take action. Our Minority Employee Resource Group (MERG) is a testament to that commitment, aiming to amplify the voices of our underrepresented colleagues to ensure they feel heard, valued, and supported. 


Recognizing the need for authentic conversations around the unique experiences and challenges that underrepresented groups face, MERG recently curated a Safe Space session. This wasn't just another company meeting. It was carefully designed as a platform to share stories and provide support. During the experience, there were 3 guidelines: 


  1. Active Listening: Every participant was encouraged to truly listen to each person sharing. This created an atmosphere where everyone felt genuinely heard.


  1. A Judgement-Free Zone: This session was rooted in respect. By creating a no-judgment zone, MERG ensured that every shared story and viewpoint was treated with respect.


  1. Maintain Privacy: Trust is the cornerstone of these conversations. Every participant was assured that their stories would remain within the session. We embedded Las Vegas rules - what is said in this session, stays in this session.


These conversations are essential to Lawline because our strength lies in our people. Feedback from the meeting revealed that employees at Lawline feel highly valued, with mention that it's the first time in their professional careers they've felt this way. Also, thanks to Lawline's strong emphasis on authenticity in our company culture, employees no longer feel the need to code-switch. We believe that understanding and supporting our diverse team is paramount, not just for individual growth but as a whole. When individuals feel seen and heard, they're more likely to collaborate effectively, resulting in a productive workspace and having these diverse experiences bring varied perspectives to the table. 


At Lawline, we understand the power of community and we are dedicated to building a culture that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering. Through initiatives like Safe Space sessions, we aim to bring our team closer, celebrate our differences, and create a future where everyone feels valued.

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