Celebrating Inclusivity and Raising Awareness

Miylie Roan | November 10, 2023

Celebrating Inclusivity and Raising Awareness: Lawline's Partnership with Prada G. Major


October is National Disability Awareness Month - a time when we reaffirm our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This year, we had the privilege of partnering with Prada G. Major, an inspiring drag queen within the LGBTQ+ community and an advocate for multiple sclerosis (MS) awareness. 


Her story, told with humor and vulnerability, resonated deeply with those who attended the event. It exemplifies our belief that learning extends beyond legal concepts—it's about understanding each other, from all backgrounds. 



Prada’s journey, from the shock of an MS diagnosis to the triumph of her benefit show "Don't MS with Major," over the past eight years, she's raised over $70,000 for the National MS Society. It's the kind of impact that aligns with Lawline's vision of empowering others through knowledge and community support. Her candid sharing about living with a disability, her drag performances as a form of advocacy, and her relentless optimism, offered us profound insights into the lived experiences of those with disabilities.


The feedback was unanimously positive, with employees expressing a newfound appreciation for the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and the importance of supporting them. It's a reflection of Lawline's inclusive culture where every voice is heard, and every story is valued.


At Lawline we are more than just a platform for legal education, we're a community that celebrates diversity, champions inclusivity, and believes in making a difference—one story, one event, one partnership at a time.

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