New Jersey Community FoodBank Give Back

Miylie Roan | July 28, 2022

At Lawline we emphasize and recognize the importance of giving back to the community. All Lawline employees are eligible to receive 4 “Give Back Days” each year where they will have paid days off to volunteer in their local communities.

Recently a group of Lawliners from New Jersey used one of their quarterly give back days to volunteer at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Michelle Ramires, Sales Operations Coordinator, decided it would be a great idea to not only use one of her give back days to go volunteer but to gather a group of her team members to join as a way to bond in-person versus our standard remote environment. 


They headed over to the FoodBank for the afternoon shift where they managed food preparation including putting together sandwiches and wraps, packaging, and cleaning up afterwards. Below are a few questions we asked Michelle as a leader of this experience. 

  • How was your experience leading this initiative?

It was such a great experience. The New Jersey FoodBank made the volunteer process very easy for us to plan and coordinate as a group. 


  • How did you connect with the New Jersey Food Bank?

They have a user-friendly schedule online that allowed us to go on their website, find a volunteer session on the calendar that worked best with our schedules, and from there we were able to easily register for the session. 


  • What was the biggest lesson you learned while giving back to your community? 

It's a fulfilling feeling to take time out of our busy days to give back to those less fortunate, especially the children in need. We plan to continue to volunteer. 

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