Stretching Towards Wellness: A Virtual Peloton Workout

Miylie Roan | April 25, 2024

At Lawline, our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture is not limited by our remote setup. Our remote environment sparks uniquely engaging initiatives that bring our team closer, no matter where we're located. This commitment was demonstrated in our latest Lunch Table session through a Peloton yoga workout led by our very own Lead Program Attorney, Gabby DiSilvio. 

Gabby, who is deeply passionate about health, led a 20-minute beginner yoga flow that was accessible and energizing, perfectly timed as a mid-day rejuvenation for our team. At the start of the session, she shared valuable insights on the importance of maintaining health and wellness emphasizing how physical activity not only boosts your mood and mental health but also enhances productivity and creates a connected team environment. This session required no special equipment and was designed to be inclusive for all fitness levels, demonstrating that anyone can participate and benefit from such activities. It provided an essential boost, lifting spirits and energizing our team for the rest of the day.

We consistently make it a priority to enhance our employee benefits to foster a healthier, more engaged workplace so, we recently introduced Peloton memberships as a new benefit for all employees. Lawline's commitment to health and wellness extends beyond one-time events. We host a monthly fitness challenge that encourages all employees to focus on their personal well-being. By integrating these health-oriented benefits and activities into our routine, we ensure that each member of the Lawline team has the opportunity to thrive. Our focus on health and wellness is a clear indicator of our commitment to not just professional growth but personal development as well. We care for our employees as much as we care for our customers!

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